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Balloon Racers Children’s Science Toy, Balloon Dolphin Launcher & Powered Car Toy Set Aerodynamic Cars Racers Party Supplies Preschool Educational Science Stem Toys with Manual Balloon Pump for Kids Boys Girls.

1x gas nozzle
2x gas mouth
2x small car
10x balloon (random color)
1x balloon power pump
1x launch pad color random

Colorful, simple operation and a lot of creative ideas and balloons and toy cars are always children’s favorites. However, this product can combine the two and make them unique. The toy involves with basic physics (aerodynamics), Kids will learn some science and physics knowledge when they have fun with this race car. Moreover, it also improves children’s exercise ability. Develop your Childs observational and hands-on skills.
Open the roof of the car, connect the balloon to the air outlet of the inflator. Connect the launch pad to the inflator and fix the balloon in the air outlet of the rockets or spaceman. Get the balloon inflated by pressing the rod continuously. Press the start button, then the rocket or spaceman will fly into the air.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 10 cm