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Dancing Smart Duck with Lights and Sounds Electric Musical Dancing Duck Toy Gifts For Children

  • With lights and sounds: Our toys have attention-grabbing sounds and lights, and your children will love it. The stylish appearance of this robot puts your child in the spotlight!
  • Hours of fun: With its pleasant colors and attractive shapes, this robot can add charming colors to any game room. With this wonderful learning toy, children will enjoy hours of fun.
  • Best gifts: Great gifts for children. This is a fun toy with exciting actions that will definitely attract their attention. Give it to them on Christmas, holidays or birthdays.
  • General Toys: Both boys and girls can dance with robot toys for a day! The futuristic but cute design inspires children to participate in high-energy play families and explore school projects

Musical Dancing Space Duck Toys for Kids with Light & Sound. The little duck will move to the left or right with the music, blinking eyes from time to time, while waving light sticks up and down with both hands, which can attract children to swing their bodies together. It is safe and non-toxic for your child. It is made of high quality ABS material, eco-friendly, durable, anti-falling, safe and harmless to children. It comes with static 3D colorful lights. You can adjust the switch to the second gear. The space duck toy will emit static 3D colorful light, which can cultivate your baby’s ability to recognize color. This space duck blink eyes. The little duck will blink its eyes from time to time, vivid and cute, attracting the baby’s attention. The surface is smooth and burr-free, without sharp edges and corners, and will not harm the baby’s immature hands.