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Ferris Wheel Clap Sensor with Music and Light (Multicolor)

  • Fantastic musical toy that responds to your commands with sensor (sound) controls – just clap your hands to start the Gigantic Ferris wheel. Both music and light can be controlled
  • Enhances children’s visual simulation and auditory simulation in a real fun way. Animal themed wheel bucket provides ample room for imagination and role play for your kids. that don’t have stories after going to the amusement park
  • Offers 4 different kids musical tunes and colorful flashlights. It is powered by a high performance motor so that it does some great work to wow and amaze you. Great choice as a birthday gift for toddler
  • An intelligent and educational toy for learning mechanical theory, improving your child’s intelligence, imagination and creativity, as well as enhancing the bond between you and your beloved children!


Kids favorite from exhibitions, carnivals and fests “The Giant Wheel” is here to enter their colorful world. Enhance your child’s visual simulation through playtime. Most children like to go for a ride on the giant wheel. The idea is to hand them a miniature version and kindle their creativity. This clap sensor activated toy is crafted with colorful lights and music to keep kids engaged. Child friendly design paves way for easy understanding of the toy. The center of the giant wheel lights up with vibrant colors and plays four different attention catching tunes. The components in this educational toy can promote mechanical principle and auditory simulation.