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Planet of Toys Light and Musical Toy Cars For Babies, For Fids | Light, Music Toy

  • ENGAGES KIDS – Its graceful movement and light will keep your child engaged for hours to enhance their motor skills, sensory perception and hand-eye coordination
  • Superior Build Quality – It is made of good quality material which is safe for kids to play.
  • it does not have sharp edges
  • The car rotates 360 degrees and is a bump and go toy with mesmerizing 4D LED lights


This is a beautiful mini stunt car that rotates 360° and is a very attractive toy for your kids. It has beautiful 4D LED lights that keep your kids occupied with their music, light and movement. The car has a great fit and your kid will surely love the finish. Dimensions: 12 x 7.5 x 8 cms Package Included: A Stunt Car (Battery Not Included) Care Instructions Do not drive the car in water, dust, sand or grass. Always use a flat, clean and dry surface to drive the car Avoid leaving the car or any hard knocks to avoid any damage Safety instructions Alkaline batteries are suggested Attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries Do not mix new and used batteries should be removed from the product immediately to avoid damage due to leakage