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Mini Water Dispenser Frog Faucet Countertop Holder Water Bottle Holder for Kitchen Home Office

  • Water dispenser for fridge with tap, allows you to drink water at any time without leaving your seat when you work or study. Just press the button and the water will come out. Cup that is too high can be placed obliquely.
  • It can be used to hold water, tea, juice and other drinks. This water dispenser has no power, it cannot heat or cool water.
  • It is a personal mini water dispenser suitable for home, office, student dormitory, etc.
  • If the running speed is slow, it is recommended to press down on the white rubber tube inside the blue tap to expose it to the bottom.
  • Press the tap as hard as possible; Press directly on the white rubber tube inside the blue faucet for maximum flow and water output.
  • Cute penguin-shaped water dispenser, with filter, each popular with women and girls



Detachable Design: The body and the bottle can be separated, easy to clean, clean and hygienic, care for the health of the baby.
Cute Mini Design: The cute mini design is more attractive to children, develop a good habit of drinking water every day, and grow up healthily.
Water Storage Bottle: Made of safe food-grade materials, filled with pure water or fruit juice without residues at your discretion.
Vivid Shape: Press it will produce water and make a gurgling sound, which is vivid and makes the child like it more.
Easy to Install: Easy to install and easy to operate, it will bring the baby a fun drinking experience.