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Fish Catching Game Set for Kids with Magnetic Fishing Double Layer Rotating Musical Board

  • Double Fish Tray: This fishing toy with two rotating fish ponds. You just need to install the battery, put the fish in this position, and turn on the switch to let your lovely kids hold the toy fishing rod.
  • When the fish’s mouth opens, put the fishing rod in the fish’s mouth and catch them. It is very suitable for children’s play.
  • Exercise children’s skills: This fishing disc rotates 360 degrees, the fish will jump and come down happily, children need to focus on fishing in the process of children’s play, not only the child’s hand- The eye can exercise coordination ability, but also a child’s patience and a fun time playing with the child.
  • Material Safety: This fishing toy is made of safe and high quality plastic. There is no sharp edge in the whole fishing plate. It has no effect on children. You can rest assured that the kids can play. We recommend this fishing toy for ages 3 and over. Children play, or parents play with them.
  • Suitable for Multiple Player Games: Our fishing toy is equipped with four fishing rods for 1-4 people. Children can play each other and develop their friendly relationship. You can also play parenting games with your kids.
  • This will foster a closer bond between you and your baby, and you can do hands-on exercises for your baby as well.
  • Detailed Packaging: This fishing toy contains one fishing plate, four fishing rods, and 26 fish. Very convenient to carry. Also, the fishing disc needs to install 3 1.5V batteries (


This fishing game is the master of all fishing games toys Unique and latest toy with more features to engage baby for maximum along with lots of fun. Fishing game is a multi-player game and can be played in different programs. Gather your kids and your friends and give them this frolic game that will keep them totally happy and sane.
This toy helps in parent-child interaction, enhances child’s flexibility, visual training, rich imagination and communication.
Features: – Install the battery (not included) in the fishing pool box