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Monopoly Pink Boutique Edition Board Game For Kids Girls

  • Pink gameboards and dices with unique properties to buy at spas and jewelry stores
  • Boutiques and malls instead of houses and hotels.
  • Instant messaging and text message cards instead of Chance and Community chests
  • Monopoly Pink Edition!
  • Comes in a Pink Jewellery Box!
  • Playing pieces include Handbag, Mobile Phone!
  • Monopoly boutique is an ideal gift item for girls aged 8 years+!
  • It comes in a beautiful pink box and all of the new movers can be attached to a charm bracelet!


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This is a fine choice of games for a sleepover party. A pink edition of Monopoly will teach your kids important social and economic skills, while keeping them entertained. And the pink theming will really appeal to ‘ Tween and teen girls. A nice set. Every word counts when you’re playing the world’s most popular word game. It’s a richly rewarding, yet simple game. Idea for the excitement of a head to head challenge or to relax with family and friends . Scrabble is fascinating, mind sharpening entertainment every time you play, so pick your letters….