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You’ve Been Framed! Board Games For Kids Girls and Boys

  • Material: plastic
  • Age: 8+ and 2 to 4 Players
  • Package include: 48 high density plastic frames, 50 double sided card, buzzer
  • Flip a card and then quickly match the pattern using the correct size and color frames.
  • Arrange face up or be quick to build vertically.
  • Hit the buzzer first to win the round and let your opponents know… “You’ve Been Framed!”
  • Practice visual recognition and spatial reasoning
  • Features a “try me” package with a talking electronic buzzer


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Frames in four colors and three sizes create a very satisfying tactile game. Improves visual recognition, spatial awareness and manual dexterity and When a card is flipped over, be first to arrange your 12 colored frames to match the pattern on the card. Now slap the card to score it. Be first to score 10 cards and win!