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Mini Football Soccer Game Table For Kids

  • Indoor sports game
  • Social and problem solving skills
  • It includes players, balls, manual scorers and handles
  • 2 players at a time
  • Min age 3+
  • Size of the box is 12.5″ H x 3″ B x 20.5″ L

The material of mini foosball table rods has been changed from iron to stainless steel. Stainless steel is harder than iron to prevent the rods from warping. There are more slots on the upgraded handles than the originals. You don’t have to worry about these new handles slipping out of your hands.  All the boards used in mini foosball table have been thickened to different degrees, which makes the table more solid and durable. We have optimized the faces of soccer players. Now they have more delicate and clear facial features. Shock-resistant curved corners of this high-security table to prevent children from hurting themselves. Specially designed for children, the table provides them with another kind of pleasure. Adults can also interact with children at the table to promote parent-child relationship.