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Learning Stationery Gift Box Desk Cleaner Electric Eraser Electric Pencil Sharpener Convenient Storage Stationery Set

  • Small size desktop electric cleaner, strong wind, can quickly clean the keyboard, desk, seat, rubber crumbs, hair, dust, dust, etc.
  • Electric pencil sharpener, alloy steel pencil sharpener, smooth cutting surface, does not break the pencil core.
  • Electric Eraser breaks the traditional design, electric eraser.
  • Easy to clean, less crumbs, small and light, safe to use.
  • Fun electric stationery set, efficient and convenient, convenient storage, complete functions.


Electric desk cleaner X 1 electric pencil sharpener X 1 electric eraser X 1 pencil sharpener X 1 eraser X 50 pencil X 5 big batch, customize