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Trace and Draw Space Aircraft Projector Toy ,Art Projector, Painting Drawing Projector Toddler Toy Educational Drawing Playset for Kids Boys Girls Age 3+

  • Drawing Projector  super easy to use for kids! just turn down the lights, switch on the projector and insert a preprinted slide and the projector can project a pattern. Then you can draw lines or color the pictures. it’s not very complicated and light weight for a child’s hand.
  • Kids Drawing Projector: It is an excellent educational learning toy for the kids, Great for helping a preschooler learn to draw and hold a steady line, It is easy to learn to draw and distinguish colors, It can make children paint better without much supervision and support.
  • Children’s Best Friend: This projector is very cute and fun, It has many patterns kids can switch as they like and immersed in them, They can play for a long time. if you buy it for your child, it will always be your child’s best friend, Great gift!
  • Easy to Erase and Re-use: Our kids was able to draw and write on drawing projector table. you can use the eraser board to erase the wrong drawing and then redraw it, so you no longer need to worry about wasting paper and whether the kids was creating a mess.

The Painting Projector is a fun and easy way to draw! Turn down the lights, switch on the projector, insert a preprinted slide and trace away. Then color in or paint the picture. Help and encourage children to learn to draw, paint and draw while playing. This is an intellectual toy that can not only improve children’s practice ability, but also can play game. Children are naturally fond of Airspace Craft Projector, enable them to develop creativity in all aspects of creation. This toy can make your children show their own artistic style.