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Gogo Fishing Kids Toys For Kids Boys & Girls

  • This toys is has 3 modes playing and learning.
  • Improve children’s thinking ability and coordinating ability.
  • Specifications colors and contents may vary from illustrations.
  • This toy can tell a story, color identification, classical songs, fishing games and play hamster games.

Gogo Fishing Toys for Children is a toy made of quality plastic which is designed to be fun & playful for children aged 3 years and over. Fish fishing toys for children with funny and cheerful music, there are 2 playgrounds, each arena consists of 8 fish that your little one has to catch, so a total of 16 fish. The game can be played by two or four. With 4 tone ladders, cool music, fun games, and more. Uses 3 pcs batteries, Includes 4 fishing rods. The best plastic toys that are safe for children to play