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Kinetic Truck Cartoon Friction Trucks Set For Kids

  • Four High Quality Trucks in one set!
  • Conducive to the development of children’s intelligence
  • Bring children so much happiness
  • Bright vivid colors, non-toxic, environmental and safe
  • Stylish design excellent quality and reasonable price

Children’s toy Concrete mixer is a wonderful toy technique for the development of new gaming spaces and the construction of real architectural masterpieces.

Such a bright machine will surely attract the attention of your little one and will be able to remain his favorite toy for a long time. The child will be happy to use it both for simple games such as skating on the floor and for role-playing games, inventing and playing on various subjects.

The highest demands are made on the quality of the materials from which the toys are made. This applies both to safety and to the strength as well as the stability of the dyes used.

The dump truck will give your child an exciting game! In his folding body, various small toys can be transported, a child can imagine himself a long-distance transportation driver and put small toys in a truck. We are ready to bet that this dump truck will take its rightful place in the arsenal of your boy’s toys.