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Train Set Toys for Kids with Lights & Sounds, Durable & Safe Exciting Train Track Set for kids, Easy to Assemble – 19 Pcs

  • Kids Electric Railway Christmas tree Train Collection Locomotive Train Set with Sound and Lights. With a motorized engine, realistic train sound effects, working lights, this train set is a perfect starter for model train enthusiasts or children.
  • Use all the included train tracks, or play around with the track shape by using only a few.
  • Our classic tree train set toys are made from durable ABS material, it is made with the highest quality, non-toxic, materials, and parts, under strict quality control. Ensuring the fun and safe experience your family deserves.
  • This wistful motor-powered train set with lights and sound is a perfect gift throughout the year. Make that birthday or holiday one to remember.
  • This train toy for toddlers and kids is a guaranteed hit for children ages 3. It makes a great Christmas gift or birthday gift.
  • Gather your companions and start a new exciting journey. Includes everything you need to build your own railroad environment.
  • Helps to simulate a creative and playful setting for children. Realistic Classical Design Finely detailed easy-to-assemble train set comes with two coal wagons.

Every child loves to play with trains at a young age. While many parents believe their children are just playing, trains can benefit the children in many ways. Remember, playing with toys does not mean your child is wasting time; it is a vital part of your child’s development. From problem-solving skills to imagination, communication, and fine motor skills, toy trains can boost your child’s developmental stages. The endless ways of assembling train tracks help your child develop creativity and imagination. Your children can develop problem-solving skills by playing with trains. When a child becomes able to learn how to assemble the train tracks, it results in problem-solving. While playing with trains, your child will think about how to move the train without obstacles. As a result, it will finally help your child increase the train’s ability to move smoothly and in an organized manner. The development of problem-solving skills always takes time, but it will last for a lifetime.