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Pull Back Airplane Toy Set Die Cast Metal Military Themed Fighter Jets, Good for Kids Toy Set Collection

  • 🛩 APPEALING GIFT FOR KIDS: The adorable size of this airplane makes it just good for children small hands. Your lovely kid and grandchildren will gonna have a crush on this awesome army fighter jet, and can’t wait to share their so cool gift that is the one of the most advanced fighter plane in the world with their partner to have a race game. The small figure also help them to serve the role as a cake decoration or party beautifier.
  • 🛩 STURDY CONSTRUCTION: No fear for child breaking their toy easily! This plane toy set, made from solid alloy, is confirmed that it’s the same sturdy as the mental one, but share the feature of lighter weight which do not harm to kids when the toy fall from their hand then hit their little toes.
  • 🛩 PUSH AND GO FUNCTION: Gently press the aircraft model and then pull back a little, the alloy aircraft toy will move forward automatically. These awesome toys can be used along with or added to vehicle playset for extra fun. The friction powered design perfectly solve the problem that the battery inside the toy has run down. Your little kids can let the fighter joining their happy shower time.
  • 🛩 MILITARY FIGHTER JET: Good play set for children who are interested in aeronautics, aerospace, the military, and commercial airlines. This army plane toy set will mean hours of good fun for little kids.
  • 🛩ENJOY HAPPY TIME WITH YOUR KIDS : The pull back airplane toy is easy to play and very lightweight for kids to take away. Sit down and have some fun playing with your children. Push it forward and watch your little one running after it with delight and excitement, which will improve child’s motor skill.


Army fighter with camo color like the real fighter on the battlefield, which can attract children’s attention completely. Pullback toy, just pull it back and it will go forward, it’s easy to play for little kid boys and they can play a game with their friends. Good size with lightweight is perfect for your dear one to hold and carry outside to play. Cool choice for outdoor toys.