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Ben 10 English Learner Laptop for Kids 20 Activity (Green)

  • Step 1 – Learn alphabets: letter recognition and pronunciation. Write capital and lowercase letters. Find the letter, it will speak the letters- which the child needs to punch on the keyboard
  • Stage 2 – Words: Spelling and Pronunciation. Spelling Test. Identification of pictures. find words
  • Stage 3 – Learning Musical Notes: Play the tune. Play musical notes. Recognize musical notes (visual and verbal)
  • Stage 4 – Learning numbers: Pronunciation and spelling of numbers. Enter the number. Number Recognition (Visual)
  • Stage 5 – Game: Catch the falling objects. Find match pair. star shooting. make a picture


This computer has auto power saving system and LED screen. Lots of learning without any stress, voice support for your kids to hear the correct pronunciation

Learning Numbers (1-10), Learning Alphabets (AZ), Learning Relative Words, Learning the Alphabet, Numbers, Singing and Melodies and more

Entertain little kids in a big way where one can easily learn aptitude and learner, numbers and alphabet from a pretend-play laptop

Educational Toy For Babies, Best Gift For Kids, Clear LED Screen Display, Please Note: Color May Vary. Suggested age 3+