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Intelligent Robot Multifunctional Charging Moving Dancing Boy Remote Control Robot Toy For Children

  • Package Size:29.5*10*19CM
  • Type: Intelligent Robot
  • Product Size:27*9*16CM
  • Using surround speakers, the pronunciation is clear and good to guide children to standard pronunciation
  • Through gestures, you can control the robot to move forward, back, turn left, and turn right. When completing each action, it is more dynamic with sound effects.
  • Glide forward/backward Walk forward/backward Turn left and turn right Gesture induction One-button demonstration Recording Smart programming Singing and dancing.
  • English science popularization Machine language Volume control USB direct charging


This robot is responsive, moves and rotates with its legs and hand and Dual wheel foot balancing, the robot can easily navigate his surroundings. Best Christmas gift for your friends and family. Fun dancing robot electronic toys with music lightening toys gift for kids children. Robots can sing and dance, program specific actions, hand gestures, led eye lights, and so on, all of which can be explored by you. It can explain simple cosmic knowledge, learn standard English pronunciation, and let your child use his imagination, through programming according to the rhythm of music, let the robot perform wonderful dance.