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Kids Cleaning Set, Pretend Play Household Toys with Kid-Sized Pony Stand, Bucket, Brush, Broom, Mop, Dustpan, Duster, Glass Cleaner, Rag, Housework Cards Detergent for Toddlers

  • Unique Pony-Themed Learning Toddler Toys – Themed design with Pony, this kids cleaning set is unique and will definitely attract your kids to play with it.
  • The toddler toys for boys & girls will make the pretend play to be a real toddler activities, which will help achieve children’s dream of being grown-ups, cleaning the house like their parents do every day.
  • Easy Assembly & Organizing Kids Broom- Each one of the kids cleaning set is detachable, easy assembly and storage.
  • This colorful kids broom includes 10 pcs cleaning tools: broom, brush, cup brush, mop, dustpan, wiper, glass cleaner, scrubber etc.
  • Organizing stand is jointed by two poles, so you may easily adjust its height at 50cm or 90cm to make it reachable for your kids to hook the toddler cleaning set after finishing their house work.


In a sunny afternoon, your baby use the 10 pcs full cleaning set to help the parent to share the housework. She helps to clean and remove the garbage with Broom, wipe the dust table with dish coth and detergent. The colorful Pony theme and various cleaning functions will definitely bring unlimited exploration fun and enjoyment for your children! The toy cleaning set can help kids to develop independence and encouraging kids to share the responsibility of housekeeping to be little housework helper for parents. Meantime, the real housekeeping activity help achieve children’s dream of being grown-ups and obtain cleaning skills & confidence. To make your children to develop good living habits, our cleaning set are also equipped with reusable housework record cards. Stickers with different patterns represent different cleaning items.