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UNO Stacko- Game for Kids and Family with 45 Color Stacking Blocks, Loading Tray, and Instructions

  • It’s the best of UNO matched by color and number, mixed with exciting stacking gameplay.
  • Stack blocks by color, number or command – the higher it gets, the harder it is
  • The game combines UNO strategy with a physical task that requires patience and finesse.
  • Use action blocks against opponents to gain an advantage
  • UNO-Stacko makes a great gift for kids ages 7 and up. Includes 45 color blocks, loading tray and instructions


Use a focused mind and a steady hand. Playing UNO Stacko requires careful thought and strategy. Players match colors and numbers while physically challenging them to stack high-level blocks without letting them fall. If you think the UNO card game has crazy power swings during gameplay, wait until you see a whole pile of blocks falling down